Here I am, a year after embarking on the mammoth task of setting up a school, embarking on yet another project!

The school continues – I run it three mornings a week for 2-3 year olds – but the professional in me is struggling with the lack of teachers around me.  In fact I am the one and only teacher as the ‘school’ is more in the style of a homeschool and is within a residential non-profit organization.   In many ways, having a space, children, a supportive community and free reign to teach what I wish, how I wish, is such a luxury.  These children (one of whom is actually mine) have willingly been my testing panel.  Through research, experience, trial and error, we have established a daily rhythm which works oh so well for us.  Within that rhythm I have been able to establish a curriculum of sorts through which I can teach to the children’s interests.

However, I do so miss having other teachers to get feedback from, to develop ideas with, to assist in problem solving and of course to talk with at the end of those challenging days!

Throughout the last year I have written a weekly newsletter for the parents.  It was a way for me to hold myself accountable and review the week.  I will continue to do this newsletter as it has proved invaluable.  But I have decided that this year’s project will be to stretch myself further.  I will write on this blog about my experiences in the ‘classroom’, what we have been working on, our daily and seasonal rhythms, and plans for future lessons.

My dream is that, through this blog, I am able to connect with other parents and teachers.  To learn from their experiences and share my own.  Together I hope that we can develop a truly child-centered education for the little people in our lives.


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