“Why did it die?”


“Look what I found….what is it?”

One of the children rushed up to me gently holding  the treasure she had found.  I explained that it was a cicada. We talked about the noise cicadas make.

The child was quiet for a while, looking carefully at the cicada in her hands.

“Why isn’t it making that noise?” she asked me.

I explained that it was dead.

The child looked at it further.

“Why did it die?” she then asked.

As a group (everyone had gathered by this point) we talked about possible causes of the cicada’s death.

I got our magnifying glasses and we all looked more closely at the cicada.

I took a close up photo, as the children had asked me to, so that they could remember the cicada.

The talk of death made me recognize the group’s sudden fascination with life cycles.  We have a new baby and another child has a sibling on the way.  Unsurprisingly there has been so much talk of babies, growing up, and now death.  This weekend I am thinking about prompt questions, to see where this interest can lead us as a group.

Any suggestions?


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