Sensory Play – Sand


Thank you so much for all of your comments.  It is exciting to be developing a community of collaborating educators.  What a wonderful resource to be able to ask other educators for ideas and to share experiences.  Keep your comments coming!

What would you do if you were offered a tray with sand, some animals, smooth black pebbles, glass cones (for candles perhaps?) and some bamboo mats (cut up into strips)?

Well, after the “aaahhh” that emanated from my daughter, she quickly got stuck in!  The others joined her one by one, and a story started to develop.

In the picture above, the hippopotamus is hungry, but is wrapped up in a blanket because he is also scared.  His mummy (one of the children) is getting ready to feed him some sand-milk.  The zebra is sleepy but wanting it’s pacifier.  The sand is rain – it is raining on the zebra which makes him happy!

We have just started talking about babies and their needs, and this is seeming to influence other areas of the children’s play.

The stories then stopped and the children began to get more involved with an exploration of the sand itself.  I am excited to see how their exploration develops as the week progresses.

What materials have you introduced with sand?


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