Books – Designs for Living and Learning


I am constantly trying to review and ‘improve’ our little classroom space.  This means every so often switching out toys and materials and moving furniture.

I bought this book last summer and it is truly a wonderful inspiration.  During those periods in teaching when things are feeling less than inspiring I have found that, with a few hours reading this book, I am ready to shake things up again.  Designs for Living and Learning is packed full of photos to give you ideas from many different classrooms.  Some are Reggio inspired, but certainly not all of them.  I see a lot of Waldorf influence in some of the classrooms also.  The classrooms it talks about are truly magical, yet completely ‘do-able’.  It is full of suggestions to encourage you to look at your classroom through new eyes.

I regularly pick this book up for inspiration, but hadn’t looked at it in a while.  Then something happened earlier this week which reminded me what a great resource it is.

We have a small block area in our classroom, but it rarely gets much attention by our children.  It has been on my ‘to do’ list, but I guess I hadn’t got around to addressing this area…..until now!  I found two huge tubs of wooden unit blocks in a thrift store this week (260 pieces) and I simply could not turn it down!  We already had a set of about 70 blocks in the classroom, but I hoped that with more shapes and quantity the children’s interest would be renewed.

I spent some time with this book and planned a complete revamping of our classroom.  I will post an update this weekend, to show you how it has gone!.


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