How big am I?


The interest in growing up is increasing day by day.  The babies (dolls) I introduced a few weeks ago are being looked after so well. They are nursed, changed, rocked, read to and taken for walks.  We have had such interesting discussions about how old the babies are and how we know that they are babies.

“babies cry”

“we know they are babies…..they can’t walk or talk…..when you walk and talk you are a big girl”

I asked what babies need to do to grow up to be big.

“they need to eat….and sleep”.

We then explored size, by comparing which baby was the biggest/smallest.  I asked whether the biggest was the oldest and the smallest was the youngest.  The children decided that this was definitely the case.

We then worked out a way to show how big the babies were, to make it easier to compare.  We ‘drew’ the outline of a baby using glass beads.  Then, by lying next to the outline it was easier for the child to compare their size to the baby.

If thee child was bigger, were they older than the baby doll?


I left the glass beads out all week and saw the children ‘draw’ the outline of many different objects.  One child then drew a picture of a person – with an outline created with circles!

Introducing these glass beads to use as a medium for creating patterns and depicting images has been such fun.  the children are really taking to it and I am excited to see where it leads them


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  1. I love your idea of using the glass beads for the outline. I’ve just bought a whole lot of new ones today. Will have to find a way to use them as an outline…….around a dinosaur perhaps as this is the children’s current passion. Thanks for sharing this fabulous measurement idea!

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