Lightbox drawing


I positioned the lightbox beside the block area this week, to make the block area more appealing.  As a result the lightbox was the big draw!

I had offered some stained glass paper (cut into geometric shapes) and the glass gems.  Of course the blocks were also very close by!

I was so excited by what the children were creating.  The work was also so collaborative.  One or two children ma design something, and then leave it on the lightbox.  Later, another child would come and add to it or change it in someway.

Wooden trees and blocks were explored with….

Patterns created….

And, playsiilks added…

Aren’t they beautiful!!!

What else should I offer next week?


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  1. What about those Haba blocks that have colored liquid inside? You could stack a yellow block onto a blue block to make green, blue atop red for purple. Kids would not only be experiencing color but also dimension and balance.

    • Magna Tiles. My kids can’t get enough of them and they are different colors. They allow the light through them, and…they are a type of building blocks, thus encouraging the block center.

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