The Wooden Blocks


Last week I made a wonderful discovery – I found two large containers full of these wooden unit blocks, for a great price.  We already had some blocks at school, but I was excited by the variety of shapes this new collection offered.

I brought some to school, kept some, and gave the rest to the other children so that they could have some blocks at home!

The challenge was to make the blocks more appealing at school.  Our block area has had little love over the past year – the blocks have occasionally been used in dramatic play (as butter, soap etc).

I was inspired by a post I read and decided to try out some of the ideas.

I rearranged the furniture to make the block area larger and more accessible.  I offered little figures, some animals and some glass beads. I also modelled block play.

There is definitely a lot more interest in the area (I also positioned the lightbox alongside the blocks) and I am excited to see how it develops.

What have you used to add variety and interest to your block area?


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