Books – Teach me to do it myself



I have not spoken much about Montessori influences yet on this blog.  Recently I have found myself being more influenced by Montessori philosophies in the classroom.  Maybe it is because most of the children in my preschool are that little bit older (3 instead of 2 years old).

Amongst my Montessori books is this treasure – Teach me to do it myself, by Maja Pitamic.  It is a wonderful book as it is so accessible.  Each double page spread clearly describes a Montessori style activity.  It is divided up into categories – daily living skills, literacy, numeracy, science etc.  I have been integrating into my class the daily living skills over the past year.  Now that the children are demonstrating an interest in reading and numeracy I have started to explore these activities further.

In this week’s posts I will talk more about some of the Montessori influenced activities we have been exploring.

What are your experiences with the Montessori approach?


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  1. Such a great find, I will be reading it soon. FYI…if you have not read “Emergent Curriculum” by Elisabeth Jones. It is an interesting look inside a center integrating emergent vs. prescribed curriculum and winning over the skeptics.

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