Color matching


To develop our awareness and interest in color I decided to try out the color investigations from the Montessori book I was talking about yesterday.  Off I went to a local hardware store to collect some paint tester strips.  What a wonderful resource – they are free and have so many varieties!

As we are currently exploring yellow, blue and green, I decided to focus on these colors.

The first activity we did was match up the shades of one color to make pairs ( I cut up two identical strips for this activity).

To further challenge the children I then mixed up cards from two different strips.  The children then had to find the pairs fro 8 different shades of the color.  It was pretty challenging and I really encouraged the use of the terms “lighter” and “darker” to assist the children in their comparisons.

The following day we then used the same strips (cut up so that each shade was separate) to order from light to dark.  This took some modelling, but the children quickly got it.

I am going to leave these strips out for the rest of the week and see how the children will interact with them.  I am also interested to see whether this exploration and formal introduction of shading will influence their color mixing…..


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