A new wave of sickness has hit our school this week.  Nothing serious, just a fever, cough etc.  But, enough to keep kids at home.

It got me thinking about the ongoing discussion I have with the parents at my school.  What should the guidelines be for when to keep your children at home?  As the last year progressed I realised that it was not as clear as I had initially thought.  If they have a fever, diarrhea, rash or are vomiting we are pretty comfortable with having a child be at home.  But what if they have a lingering runny nose?  Also how long should the child stay at home?

What makes our situation awkward is that my child is one of my students!  That means that when she is sick, I also often need to be home to care for her.  It is something that we are working on but so far we do not have a solution we are happy with.

What are the policies at your school?

If you are working from home, and your child is present, what do you do if your child is sick?

I feel that this is such a valuable discussion to have with other educators.  So comment away!


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  1. We have a firm policy on fever, vomiting, diarrhea, hacking cough, or open coldsore. If a child has had any one of these within four hours of drop-off, or develops these symptoms while they’re in my care, they need to be at home. If my own kids get sick, my husband takes a flex-day to stay home with them and I take the dayhome kids on a field-trip day. If that’s not possible, I ask their parents to keep them at home. We’ve been very fortunate, though. In 3.5 years of business, today is only the second day I’ve had to close due to illness. And I’m the one who’s sick!

  2. Desi I am sorry you are sick, I hope you get better soon
    It is good to hear other policies, and I like the idea of a field trip. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Having a written sickness policy is very important and often in most states a requiremnt by the child development division. I have a family child care program in my home and it can be tricky but has seemed to get easier now that my children are older. Starting probably when my kids were about 3 or 4 I would set them up on our couch in the living room they’d have movies, special coloring books, books, a bucket of toys they hadn’t played with etc. Our daycare is in a lower portion of our home so I would run up occasionally and give them a refill on fluids or hug, something t snack on etc and then I would be an ear shot away if they needed me. It’s not easy and I feel guilty that they can’t have my undivided attention but at least I am home and I can still work at the same time (unless it’s real bad then I close for the day).
    For the daycare kids its the standard vomiting, diahera, fever, or if they just can’t handle a normal day I have had kids come where they are laying on the floor half a wake and they just need some home time most often fever hits around lunch time but….Wow lol I had alot to say on this…. Hope this helps!!

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