The Waldorf Classroom


Earlier this week I spent some time in a Waldorf classroom.  As a teacher I am always fascinated by visiting other schools!  This classroom was fairly typical of the Waldorf kindergarten spaces I have visited, with simple wooden toys, playsillks and other natural objects.  I watched a group of children happily exploring and playing and it got me thinking about my classroom.

I feel that I am so often looking at the room and trying to think about what is working and what needs to be changed.  I love collecting things and the children love the found objects I bring in……but being in the Waldorf space reminded me that less really is more!

I would love to share some areas of our little classroom over the coming weeks and this seems like a good opportunity!


The photo above shows you the playstand which, although rather large, was one of the best investments I made.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture and the children turn it into so many different things – a kitchen, house, cave, tent, bus, doctors office…….

Something so simple really does open up endless possibilities.  It is actually four pieces – two shelf units and the canopy is made up of two pieces.  Therefore it can be moved around in so many different ways.  I also got some play silks and large clips so that the children can clip silks onto the playstand (or other objects!).  I saw a playstand in a Waldorf classroom many years ago and fell in love with it!


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