Color Mixing – Ice Painting


As part of color investigation, this week we tried out ice cube paints.  I froze some crayola washable tempera, mixed with a little water, into cubes.  I then offered the children some strips of white cotton fabric (a cut up sheet).

We decided to use these as a part of our letter writing project, so the children chose who their picture was going to be for, and then dictated a message for them.

We weighted the fabric on the ground with some rocks and then the children were offered the ice cubes to explore.

It was such a fun experiment as the interaction with the ice cubes changed as they started to melt (it was a HOT day!).

“OOOH, it’s too cold to touch!” one child exclaimed, and then wrapped an ice cube in a leaf.

“It wets my hand,” another said, “and makes it all blue”

“Oh look, it’s melting” a child noticed.  She had left an ice cube on her fabric and was watching to see what it would do.

I am going to reintroduce these again next week to see how the exploration develops.


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