Books – Heaven on Earth


I spoke yesterday about the importance of imaginative play, and the provision of time for it in the preschool day.  As I was writing, I was thinking about how influential this book was to me in the development of the daily structure in our little school.  Rather than simply mentioning it, I felt that this book deserved a post of it’s own as it truly has been invaluable for me.

Sharifa Oppenheimer founded a Waldorf school here in Virgina and the book is certainly Waldorf influenced (she now runs a home-schooling program).  It is very accessible and is actually written for parents rather than educator.  As a parent I have found it such a wonderful resource!

The book explores how to develop rhythms in the home, as well as the creation of indoor and outdoor playspaces.  I found that it helped me to rethink the outdoor space at our school, to give the children more opportunities for a wider range of sensory exploration and development.

I found that the discussions on rhythm and culture have been wonderful for both school and home.  It also touches on discipline – which I find is something for which many viewpoints are beneficial.  The ideas are insightful and it is clear that Sharifa Oppenheimer has many years and a wealth of knowledge to share!


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