What does a baby look like?


As part of our discussion on babies and growing up, I proposed a question to the children during morning circle.

Me:  What does a baby look like?

Then followed a discussion about various body parts (eyes, mouth, hair etc).

Me:  Do you think you could draw a baby?

A:  I don’t know how

M:  Oh, I can show you, I am big!

The children then all rushed over to the drawing station and began drawing babies.  One child decided to bring the baby dolls over to look at.  Here is an excerpt from their discussion.

M:  here’s a face….a little eye inside

A:  I am making a long dress…she has hair, that long…..okay, this is what I am going to do……color her hair

L:  She needs a clip in her hair.

M:  Do babies have clips in their hair?

A:  Mine does, she is a big baby…..with long hair

A:  If you get bigger you can wear a big dress.

L:  This is my mom. When she gets younger and younger she can get to wear this dress when she is younger.

Me:  Will your mom get smaller?

L:  Yes, and then she can wear this dress

Me:  I see you did some writing.  Can you read it to me?

A:  This is a bad man….he doesn’t know about stuff.  It says “can you wear this big skirt when you are bigger?”

Me:  Can you tell me about this picture?

M:  I am doing writing.  I am a good writer.  See, this says “Dear ….., I love you”

The conversation then moved onto writing letters, first to the babies, and then to other people.  The children were very enthusiastic about ‘reading’ their letters to me. I am going to try and build further on this interest in writing.

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