Allowing toys to move


I am a control freak!  It is one of the things that as a teacher (and a mother of young children) I have to really try and let the control go sometimes.  This is especially apparent in the classroom with young children.  When we have visitors I explain to them straight away that the children are free to take toys out ad move them around the room as they wish.  We have two set times for clean up (before snack and before storytime) and then the children work together to put things away.  Unless there are toys around on the floor that are a danger, the children are allowed to explore.

I admit, it is sometimes so hard to see the children at work and to me it feels like chaos.  But then I look over and see something like this…….a child had lovingly put two dolls to sleep on the lightbox, covered in a silk.  She was singing a lullabye and watching over them tenderly.

These moments remind me that, by allowing them space to explore, so much joy can evolve (for all involved!).

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.


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  1. As a fellow control freak, I have to say, it is very hard to let go at times. But as you’ve so clearly pointed out, all good things come when you let children take the environment in the direction they need to…

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