Sandbox stories – exploring properties


A – “I am making a mountain.  Do you want to help?” (creates a large mound of sand)

B – “That doesn’t look like a mountain.  It needs a river”

A – “Let’s make a river on the mountain”

B – “There” (smooths a path down one side of the mound)

     “But that doesn’t look like a river” (laughs)

A – “Why don’t you wiggle it” (extends the path with a bend)

B – “Yeah!”

A – “We need boats”

C – “Here is a boat” (joins the group and places a small cup at the top of the mound)

All three children then watch the cup at the top of the mound for a moment.

B – “Why doesn’t it float?”

A – “Push it” (C then pushes the cup down the ‘river’)

C – “It got stuck”

B – “Hum, that’s strange”

The children then try pushing different objects down the ‘river’ to see what will ‘float’.  All objects get stuck except a small ball.

B – “I know, we need a real river” (gets a cup of water and pours it down the mound)

The children continue to explore and eventually discover that they can only make the objects ‘float’ down their ‘river’ when they place them directly in the flow of water.

B – “That was fun!”

What a lovely child created and led investigation!


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