This moment


When teaching and working with young children I often think to myself “I want to capture this moment”.  Fleeting moments of such specialness that are gone oh so fast.  These are the moments that, when remembered, keep you going in the many challenging moments.

I was inspired by the Friday ritual by Soulemama and thought it would be a fun thing to start up on this blog.  I am not sure how many people will even be interested, but if you are, you can post a link to your image.  I decided that, even if only I see this image, it will at least remind me to remember the tiny moments in these busy days of working with children.

I know this is supposed to be just an image but a brief explanation really makes tis so much more wonderful.  These two girls worked so hard to get to this spot – they pretended to go to the library to buy books, which they then carried in hats to this spot.  They chose two identical cushions to be toilets.  They then pretended to sit on the toilet next to each other and read their books.  Because apparently that is the best place to read.  Don’t you just love kids!


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