‘Free’ Painting – Part 1


“You can make pink if you mix red and white”

“oooooh…….wow…..”   (brings another child over to explain)

“I can make pink with red and white”

The children were so excited to learn this theory that they wanted to experience it for themselves.

This morning when they came in a table had been covered in white paper.  There were white and red tempera cakes in paint pots, water and brushes.

I decided upon tempera cakes because I wanted to limit the mess as children would be leaning directly upon the paper – I wanted them to be able to freely come and go without needing to put on aprons or wash hands as we usually do when painting.

Throughout the morning children would return to the table individually and in groups to add to the work.  We had some older children visiting which greatly influenced the type of painting that happened.  We ended up with a lot of hearts!

Whilst the older children were more interested in content, the younger children were more interested in exploration.  What happens when you press your hand onto the wet paint – the pattern is recreated on your hands!  What happens when  you try to hold two brushes together and paint a long line – you get a lighter line and a darker line!

At the end of the morning I explained that we could do the same with a different color on Wednesday.  The children were sad that the paper from today would be taken off.  They asked for it to be there on Wednesday so that they could “paint in the holes” in a different color.

So, this is part 1!!!!!


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