A big bug in a little hole


Our classroom actually consists of two rooms.  One is curtained off when we are not there and the other room is then used as a papermaking studio!  Sounds great in theory, but it means that the shared space needs to be suitable for wet mushy paper work.  Therefore that is the room that I use for snack and painting etc.  The floor is concrete, with a simple finish.  It is certainly not ideal for little kids but we work with it!

We have been in this space for over a year, but suddenly one child noticed a small hole in the floor.  It must have been created when the cement was being laid, but it was only just being noticed.

She was eager to show it to me so I asked why she thought it was there.

“You cleaned too hard” she told me!

“What is underneath it?” I asked.

Suddenly some other children became interested.  They sat on the floor, felt the hole and tried to look into it.

“It’s a bug” one said, “a giant bug”.

“Can it come out?” I asked

“Oh no it can’t. It stays down there”.

“Hmm, so what does it eat?” I asked.

The children talked for a few minutes and then decided, “It eats wood.  The wood is in the hole”.

The children then decided that it was actually a small bug and that it needed to eat a lot of wood to grow into a giant bug.  It wanted it’s mummy and daddy but they lived in another hole.

“How does the bug get to it’s mummy and daddy?” I asked.

“Tunnels” a child exclaimed and then ran around the room showing where the tunnels were under the floor!


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