A hole in the floor continues


Well, our hole in the floor is very exciting right now.  It was the first thing the children looked for when they arrived on Friday.  Yes the hole was still there.  But did they think the bug was still there?

Some said yes and some said no.  So out came the magnifying glasses to check.

Stories developed and the children got increasingly animated.

I had laid out a large piece of paper ready for them this morning.  Simply drawing a large oval and shading the outsides, I told then it was a picture of the hole.  I then invited the children to draw what they saw in the hole.

As they drew throughout the morning they talked about what they were doing.

“I am drawing the bug and his mummy.  They want to eat some wood.”

“I can see lots of trash in the hole. Red and blue circles trash.”

Next week I am going to offer the children clay as they have asked if they can make another hole.  They decided that clay would be a good thing to use for such a task!


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