Books – Making the most of Light and Mirrors


I love our light box, but I have not been too inspired by mirrors to be honest.  This book has certainly given me much food for thought.

Although it is a fairly thin book, the pictures tell you so much and it is very clearly laid out.  As a busy mum and teacher I like books that can be easily picked up and flicked through for ideas!  It is written with the British National Curriculum in mind (it is only published in the UK right now, but can be bought on Amazon) but those references are easily transferable to the country that you are in.

The first half of the book talks about how to use light and light boxes with young  children. There are real life examples to read and see in pictures – I am a visual learner so this is very inspirational to me.  This section talks about exploring light and shadows,using a projector to make things big, exciting ways to sort and count and looking at the world in color to name but a few.  I especially loved the suggestions for exploring numeracy through light, as that is something I am trying to look at more with my children.

The second half of the book talks about using mirrors.  It is full of images that make me wish we had a huge budget.  I would so love one of those kaleidoscope mirrors that the schools in Reggio Emilia have.  This books talk about how they make one a den for young toddlers.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to be!  Other ideas include problem solving with mirrors, exploring shiny things  and catching shadows.

If you read this book, I would love to know what you think about it.

Or, if you know where to buy those large kaleidoscope mirrors I would love to know!


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