Collaborative project


I have been thinking about setting up an environmental exploration but the logistics have been holding me back recently.  This week I moved things around to make space for our easel.  On the back of the easel is a sheet of masonite with holes in.  When I was making the easel last year I knew this masonite would come in useful but I wasn’t quite sure for what!

This post  got me thinking, until I realised that the back of our easel is like a  big flat colander!  So, this week I have presented it to the children, with no instruction, to see how they interact with it. So far I have offered pipe cleaners, string, zip ties and ribbon.  I will then be adding feathers and natural materials.

I was expecting it to become a sculpture of sorts with things being added.  However the children are having just as much fun taking things out as putting them in!  This takes some pretty fine motor skills (varies depending on the material though) yet they are incredibly motivated!

Here is a look at what it looks like right now.


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