Applesauce becomes pear sauce!


I have been so inspired by how the children in Waldorf kindergartens often make their own snack.  I have seen them grind the grains, make the bread and churn the butter!  What a wonderful experience for a child to help them in developing a deep relationship with their food.

On a smaller scale, we made apple sauce last week!  Well, it actually turned out to be pear sauce.  We geared up with hats and baskets and went on a hike to find the apple trees.  On the way we saw a pear tree that was laden with fruit.  Many of the branches were so heavy that hat they were at toddler height.  They asked if they could pick some and before I knew it the baskets were full!  We added a couple of apples, just because we felt that we should!

Once back at the Studio we peeled, cored and chopped them.  A few pieces were taste tested of course, but that is all part of the experience.  A little while later, after playing with the sweet smell of cooking apples in the air, we sat down to a long awaited snack.  It was a little later than usual but the children were so patient.  When the time came we enjoyed the warm apple sauce with a little yogurt and warm herbal tea.  Throughout the meal the children complimented their cooking abilities and the food itself.  It was lovely to hear them describe how they worked as a team to create this delicious snack.

It felt like fall was already here!


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