A story about Rapunzel


Several months ago I told the children the story of Rapunzel.  This morning two girls went to the drawing table and picked up a blank book (having these available to the children has been a huge success).  The two huddled over it, filling page after page.  I went over and casually asked them to tell me about their book.  They carried on working as they told me it was a story about Rapunzel.  They told me an interesting version of the story and then went back to discuss the picture of Rapunzel they were working on.

“She needs long hair”

“Like this?”

No, longer. Long to the ground”

“Oh.  Like this!”

“Yeah.  And a dress.  Here I can do it”

The girls worked peacefully on their book together for over ten minutes. Then, suddenly they decided upon a different activity to try and ran off elsewhere!


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