Rain on the mountains


As another hurricane passes us by we are experiencing more rain.  During morning circle I pointed out that the mountains were no longer visible (we are in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and can usually very clearly see them).

R – What happened to the mountains?

M – The rain came and washed them away

L – It is hiding behind the clouds

M – No.  I need to tell you.  The rain came and washed them away.

R – Will they come back?

M – No!

L – I think they are hiding behind the clouds

R – Will they come back if the rain stops?

L – Yes.  No.  I don’t know

M – We need to pull them back with string

L – Or a box

A – Or a couch

L – No, a box

M – But will it be big enough?

L – Yes it will.  It will work

A – Maybe a silk will work better

L – Yes, we need a tiny big o.  That will be good

A – We can throw it on the mountain and pull it down

R – Will that bring the mountains back?

M – I don’t know

L – Yes it will

M – We need to put string on the silk

L – Like a kite?

M – Yes like a kite

L – Let’s make a kite

A – Yeah with wood and silks


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