Finger caps


I love how creative children can be.  They just seem to find things to explore and experiment with don’t they!

We were on a little walk and the children stumbled upon some little buds that had fallen from a bush with all of the heavy rain.  The children excitedly investigated them.

“It’s a finger cap” one happily explained.

Soon all of us had little caps on our fingers and we had to search for more.  We then discovered that acorns work as well.

“They are not so soft though” a child explained to me. “They are better to not hurt yourself.  “Like a helmet”

On a side note, I would love to hear about how you encourage parents to dress their children appropriately for the weather!  It is something I am constantly struggling with. There are only so many times you can ask for warm clothes, sun hats, rainboots etc.  I have some extras at school to offer but I would love a better solution.


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  1. Most of my crew is three-year-olds, right now, so dressing for the weather is a big deal for us. The wrong clothes or the wrong outerwear means we can’t have Activity Time outside because I can’t compromise any of the children’s safety.
    My parents struggled with sending appropriate clothing until I advised them that an email would be sent to all parents letting them know that we could not play outdoors that day because one of the children wasn’t dressed appropriately (without naming the child, of course). Some of the parents responded by sending a set of outdoor clothing to keep at my home daycare, and some requested reminder checklists to keep in their backpacks. It’s been about a year now, and we’ve only had one instance that we’ve had to stay inside because of a clothing issue.

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