So tell me about clouds


“A ladder to the clouds”

M – The sun took the mountain away but now there are no clouds.

R – So tell me about the clouds

L – Clouds are white

A – A little bird has a house inside clouds.  It cracks open and the bird comes out

M – It breaks the bird

A – No it doesn’t, clouds are nice

R – What noise does it make when the cloud breaks open?

M – It goes ‘boop’

L – Not big black clouds.  They go ‘boom’.

R – Tell me about the big black clouds

M – They take heavy rain up into the sky

L – Yes and there is a pink sky before a thunderstorm

M – It makes a loud loud noise (all children make thunder noises)

A – It comes from the sky

L – My cat hides.  He gets scared

A – When it thunders the birds come out of their houses and go into the trees

M – They go on a bird plane with their kids to go and visit Grandma in California

R – What is it like inside a cloud

L – HOT, no cold.  I don’t know

M – It is hot because of the sun

A – They fly away from the sun

R – The clouds?

A – Yes

L – They don’t fly, they slide

M – They don’t have wings so they can’t fly

A – The sun moves the clouds.  Then they come back.  That helps

I am thinking now about how to develop the cloud idea further.  They are really excited about it and are looking at clouds and talking about their theories.


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