Fabric, fabric, fabric…..oh and wallpaper too!


An upscale interior design store closed down recently and left their entire stock of samples.  I found out about the morning they were opening their doors to the public to enable people to take what they wished.

Well, we had so much fun!  I took my daughters and luckily there were many lovely people to help me get our samples into our car!  My bigger daughter and I were so excited by the many fabric books, and wallpaper books that we stayed far longer than we had planned.  Once home we spent more time looking through the books discussing textures, designs and possible projects.

Her favorite were the two folders she chose, each containing a selection of beaded trims.  It is amazing what a selection there is of these things!  She desperately wanted to share them with her friends, so we brought them into school.  We have not undertaken any projects with them yet.  It has simply been far too much fun to just look through them and touch everything.  It is wonderful to see the children really developing vocabulary as they try to describe what they are seeing and feeling.

But, we do now have stacks of fabric and wallpaper samples!  Aside from the obvious collage, bunting etc What suggestions do you have for these?


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  1. We have done matching activities with fabric samples. We lay four or five fabric samples with different textures out on the work surface, tuck the matching four or five samples into individual paper lunch bags. The children then try to determine by feel which sample is in their bag. We’ve also done fabric collages on posterboard with bits of fabric samples and paint chips. It’s messy, but fun!

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