What are the most loved toys?


I have been thinking a lot about our school’s upcoming transition to a new space.  It s still a way off and I have a lot to work through until we get to that point.  But, one of the things to think about are the toys that will be offered in the new school.  I have been observing what the children currently love and have loved in the past.  As the new school will have some new children alongside current children, of course these interests may change.

Without a doubt, throughout the past year the most used ‘toys’ are the playsilks, playstand, cushions, dolls, wooden food, pots and pans and books.  It is fascinating. These are items that open themselves to such imaginative play. Every day the play is different, although the same objects are used.

I introduce other toys and whilst they are excitedly incorporated into play they soon are forgotten and the children return to the items listed above.

One thing I wanted to ask you is your experience with toys and children, in particular for boys.  I try so hard not to focus on gender but I do currently only have one boy in my school.  I would love to have input from teachers with a more diverse classroom!


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  1. Boys in my class also love role play with food, bowls etc. In addition, anything with wheels, construction , large things like wooden blocks, anthing that can be assmbled and disassembled. Water trolley and sand for small world play with animals, boats, trees, fences, etc. Magnets are huge in my class atm.

  2. Our construction area goes through phases of being greatly used, and then forgotten 😦
    I love the idea of magnets! What type of magnets and what are they offered with?

  3. My boys are all builders. They do love to play with the kitchen toys and play food, dress-up and play-scarves. But their favourite toys are building blocks of all kinds, anything with wheels, Mad-Mags magnetic building bars and balls, and anything they can mold with their hands. My girls like those toys too, of course. Just not quite as much 🙂

  4. These are great, thanks! So helpful in deciding what new materials to buy. I did make a few purchases recently and am excited to share them with you…..when I have seen them more in action 🙂

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