Wet on wet painting dilema


No “this moment” this week because I have a dilemma I want to share with you!

We have been doing “wet on wet” Waldorf style painting throughout the year and I had found a supplier of watercolor paper that works well for us.  It is not as good as the high quality Strathmore paper but it is much more economical.

So, today I opened a new pack to do some painting.  We are getting ready to make some lanterns for our Autumn Equinox celebration next week.

The children painted some beautiful work but I could not work out why the paper just was not withstanding their painting.  In the past they have been able to use the watercolors with ease but today I had to keep telling them to not keep working in the same spot. It was so frustrating all around.

Finally it came to me that the paper was different.  The packaging and price was the same but I am so sure that the quality was different.  I am going to contact the supplier, but I wanted to also ask for your input.

Do you use watercolor paper?  What do you use and where do you get it?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all learn about some wonderful paper at a truly affordable price!


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  1. Thanks for the art idea and I agree that quality supplies make a huge difference but the cost makes it so that it just can’t happen.

  2. I’ve had the same problem before. The paper I use now is from http://www.atoygarden.com . I ordered a bunch of it a year ago and so far have not had nearly as many issues as others I have tried. They were a little cheaper than other Waldorf and art suppliers but still a little pricey. I think the bundles come in packs of 50 for about $20. Check page 3 of the art supply section.

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