Books – A Woven Education


Things are starting to wind down at school now as the class is ‘graduating’ at the end of October.  I am trying to adjust to the strange timing and how that is affecting the flow of our days….I have more to say about that but maybe I should save that for another day.

Although things are winding down in the classroom in my mind there is oh so much going on.  Trying to be present on the last few weeks of being in this space, with these students, but also trying to visualize the new space and the new program I need to develop.  I wanted to share with you a book that was gifted to me by another teacher recently.  The Visionary Director is a truly amazing resource.  There is so much guidance and food for thought that I know it will continue to be of great benefit to me in the months to come.  The book guides you through the process of creating and directing a program for young children.  Currently I have been focusing on developing my vision but the book also examines the development of community, mentoring and coaching, managing and bringing your vision to life.  It is a well thought through and carefully developed text that is easy to work through sequentially as well as to dip in for particular suggestions.

I look forward to sharing more of my program and how this book assists in my program’s formulation.


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