Mixed media


Today one child was busy painting with watercolors.  Suddenly she stopped and looked intently at her work.

“I need pencils.  I want them to melt with the paint”

She rushed off and grabbed a handful of colored pencils.

She then excitedly experimented with drawing over the paint, dipping the pencils in the water and painting over pencil marks.

When I asked her about whether the pencils did melt she thought hard.

“No, they didn’t melt.  But these ‘m’s are a bit smooshy on the paint”

She continued to draw more m’s and experimented to see how different they were in relation to the paint.

This encounter reminded me of how valuable it is to have some materials always on offer.  This student was familiar with the items in our ‘writing station’ and therefore had these materials available in her mind when working with another material.  She understood that there was a freedom in the classroom that encouraged her exploration.

And her final image was pretty awesome!


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