Sensory play – rainbow rice


We have not had the rice out for a while.  I am not really sure why not.  I guess our time has just been filled up with other things.  But I have recognised the need for this kind of sensory activity  for the students.  We have had playdough, clay, paints, sand etc but there is just something about the rice that is special for my kids.  So, out came the rainbow rice (we also have lavender rice and green rice) with the little wooden pots and wooden scoops.  Nothing else.  I wanted to keep it simple.  No animals to fight over or treasure to hoard.  It became more about the sensory experience, which I what my students are needing right now.

It worked.

They mostly chose to work individually, or in pairs.  They would quietly scoop up the rice and let it fall through their fingers.  They would methodically scoop up the rice to fill the pots.  They would carefully transfer the rice from one scoop to the other.

No words were needed.

It was just the right activity just when it was needed.

It is nice when that happens isn’t it!


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  1. This actually looks like a lot of fun. I am always looking for interesting materials for my students to use. I might have to get right on to dying some rice. I can imagine it would be quite the calming activity for particular students also.

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