Preparing for graduation


I know our timing is a bit unconventional, but that is just how things are sometimes I guess.  As our little school is going through a major change at the end of October I am preparing a ‘graduation’ of sorts for the students.  Most of them will no longer be at the school as we are relocating, so the graduation will hopefully assist in this transition.

We are working on our portfolios and chatting about what is to come.  I have certainly sensed a shift in everyone’s focus these past few weeks.  Not in a bad way, things are just different.  I guess that is why I have been finding it hard to write here over this time.  The energy in the class is different and I guess I am sensing a feeling of wanting to be totally present for the children…..and leaving the camera behind! So many emotions come at the end of the school year don’t they, for all involved.

But the graduation….. That I am stumped on really. I have several ideas about what to do, but nothing that feels quite right.  I want it to fit with the warm familial environment already here, but also to formally acknowledge the children transitioning to the next stage in their lives.  My problem is that the only graduations I have ever been to have been for college!  I thought it would be fun to ask you for suggestions.  Does your school have a graduation? How do you help your students prepare for the transition to a new school?


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