Color Exploration


Looking around the classroom I noticed that we have so many pieces of work demonstrating our explorations with blue and yellow.  But now, when I look outside I see the fiery colors of fall – red, gold, orange. It got me thinking about how we need to do some more color exploration.

Just this thought gave me a huge rush of relief and excitement. In all the activity of these last few weeks of school I feel that simple exploration of materials has been lacking.  How did that happen?  Isn’t that one of the things our school is based upon?????

Well, out came little glass dishes, plastic droppers and watercolor paints.

When the children came in there were several squeals of delight.  How wonderful! They remembered how to use the droppers and were soon hard at work. Discussions about what the colors were and what they could make by mixing them together.

“It is going to be pink”

“I am going to make gold.  Like princess slippers”

“Look at my truck.  It is all orangey”

Later in the morning, when they were busy elsewhere, I quietly refreshed the paints.  Another rush of exploration occurred.  This time one child discovered he could make bubbles in the paint with the dropper.  How exciting! Soon all of the children were trying it.  There needed to be a few reminders about keeping the paint on the tray!


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