A long hiatus


How time does fly!

The children graduated.  They sat in a ring beside a playstand decorated with autumn leaves.  The families sat around them and together we sung the songs and said the verses from our circle time.  The children were thrilled with their capes (from the pattern in this book).  They loved sharing their portfolios with their families.

And the school year was done.

Somehow the following weeks flew by in a muddle as I tried to recreate some sort of rhythm at home with my two little ones.  But first there was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  And now we are nearly into January already.

I had initially planned on starting up a home based program for the new year but it hasn’t materialised because I am struggling with the basic concept of the school I wish to run.  I love what I was doing.  I really do.  The little school was such a wonderful sanctuary for me and the children.  It is sad to see it end.  But I am excited about what is to come.  Throughout the time I dabbled with Montessori, but to be honest I have finally come to the realisation that it doesn’t sit so well with my overall philosophy.  I certainly use elements of the Montessori approach at home with my girls, but am I comfortable adding the ‘label’ to my school? I have finally decided that I am not.

Reggio is so exciting for me and I look forward to seeing where it leads.  But I do keep returning to the Waldorf philosophy.  I draw on the Waldorf experience and training I have and the gentleness of the approach seems so natural to me in my work with young children.

So, Little Saplings, my Waldorf Inspired Forest Playgroup, should be starting early in the new year.  I am excited to see how this little once-a-week group develops.  It will be good to get outside and I have been lucky to  have wonderful support from others who have created similar Waldorf inspired programs.  I will keep you updated!


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