Let it snow


I have started writing several posts over the past few weeks, but with two little ones, work and trying to find a schedule that fits everything in, somehow the posts just didn’t get finished.  But finish them I will and they will be posted in these coming days.

But for now let me share a little of what we have been doing today.

In this unusually mild winter so far my daughter is longing for snow.  We had a little taste of it last week but it only lasted a few hours.  We talked last night of how we could make snow inside and of course she decided upon a mobile.  They are our specialty……we have mobiles all over our house, and we had several at school.  The children would often find sticks (our material of choice for the mobile structure) and announce it to be “a perfect mobile stick” – and thus a new mobile project would be born).

Well today we went off to buy some cotton balls and to find some perfect sticks!

My daughter is recently into beading necklaces so I thought that this could be a good continuation of this skill.  We created a simple “X” frame with two sticks.  She then began threading some cotton balls onto a long piece of thread.  It was easy to do and she could separate them as she wished as the cotton balls stayed on the thread wherever she placed them!  When we had five long strands (that is how many she chose) we simply tied them onto the frame and I tweaked everything a bit to find the balancing point.

The discussion then led to where it should be hung. She had initially decided that it should be in her bedroom but how she was not so sure.  She wanted everyone to see it it….all of the time!  She decided that she wanted to see it snow when she was washing up in her kitchen (which is in the main living space).  We currently have a bird mobile up there and she suggested that it could snow during the nighttime and the birds could be there in the daytime.  I explained that was a lot of mobile switching and that maybe the birds could be somewhere else.  She was happy with that decision.

Soon she was happily working in her kitchen below the snowy mobile.  I noticed that she was wrapped in silks and asked her to tell me about them.  She enthusiastically explained that, because of the snow, it was cold now in her kitchen and she needed to wear a hat, scarf and snow boots!


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