“Feed the birds…….


….tuppence a bag”.  For those of you who know Mary Poppins maybe you recognize that song? Oh how I loved that movie when I was little.

Anyway, that was off topic, but during this activity that song just kept being sung by me so I had to reference it!

A friend of my daughter’s gave her a lovely little outdoor decoration for the birds.  It looks like it is a slice of dried orange with a little ‘bird cake’ inside.  Whatever it is exactly (I really should ask her) it has been a huge hit with the birds.  They love it!

We currently live in a an apartment with lots of woodland right outside.  As our only private outdoor space is a balcony we are trying to work with that for growing veggies and herbs and encouraging wildlife.  We usually have a plate of birdfood out which generally has a variety of birds eating from it.  But we also have some very confident squirrels who tend to monopolize the area!

Hmmm.  Fun, but kindof sad for the birds!

When at Boxerwood Gardens we saw some bird food decorations that my daughter and I were excited about.  As we both enjoy sewing, once home we got to work making our own to further decorate the balcony (we already have bunting, bells and fairy lights).

Searching around the pantry we found some dried apples from our apple harvest in the autumn, and some leftover popcorn.  Add to that some heavy nylon string and chunky needles and we were off.  My daughter continued to worked hard long after her sister awoke and soon we had some beautiful garlands.  Don’t they look lovely!  She is so proud of them and is incredibly excited when a bird comes to eat from them.  In fact, she keeps checking the garlands to see whether they have shrunk!


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