Playing with light


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***I will apologize right now for the poor image quality. The lighting was of course limited and the ‘subjects’ kept moving.  Ho hum****

I am also trying out this new slideshow feature.   I would love any feedback you may have…..did it load up okay?  Is it easier to look at than images scattered throughout the post etc…


I have enjoyed watching children explore with light sources and decided it was time for my littlest one to be given the opportunity.

After circle time this morning we worked together to set up the ‘classroom’ with a variety of light related things (my daughter prefers to be part of the process when rearranging a room).  Together we decided upon the lightbox instead of the projector (for now).  The table we usually had it fixed onto was too high for the baby, so we instead have it on a lower shelf, so that it can be pulled out onto the carpet.  It is not perfect but it will do for now.

My oldest was so excited and immediately wanted some translucent paper (for making paper ‘stained glass windows’) cut into geometric shapes.  Whilst she got to work creating pictures on the lightbox, my baby tried eating the paper.  mmmm, crunchy!!!

Next we got some flashlights.  They were just simple (cheap) ones from family dollar, and I chose the ones with the rubber outside as I knew the baby would be chewing them.

I also put out the color paddles.

That was all I am offering for now.  I am constantly reminded that less is more!

Oh we are all having so much fun.

The baby is enjoying looking at the light, trying to eat it and climbing on the lightbox.

The older one is getting more and more sophisticated in her exploration.  She started shining the flashlight in the ceiling but as it was not very powerful she preferred to then shine it on the wall.  She loves to wrap things up in silks or paper (for gifts) and when she wrapped the flashlight in paper she discovered that the light emitted turned green. Hmmm.  And so a little project is emerging.  Different things were put over the flashlight to see what happened to the light.  Sometimes it would disappear, sometimes it would cimply change color.  The paddles were great for this.

She decided we needed a ‘bigger’ flashlight – I guess her theory was that bigger meant more powerful!  Well, we brought out an LED lantern.  Yes it was bigger and brighter, but the light was emitted 360 degrees so she couldn’t get that neat circle on the wall.  She wasn’t too impressed by the lantern after that.

But the baby loves it!


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