Waldorf Doll making




When my daughter was very little I made her a Waldorf doll. I had such fun I remember saying to my husband that I wished I could make more.  He pointed out that our daughter really didn’t need more dolls!

But then I started teaching 3-4 year olds, and we had another daughter.  What more excuses did I need!!!

I started making some heavy baby dolls to sell at the local Waldorf school bazaar (weighted with organic millet or flax they mimic the weight of a real baby, and are very soothing to hold).  I got such lovely feedback from parents there, but also many requests to make “dressable” dolls.

Hmmm, well I didn’t need much persuasion!


And so my little Etsy store has been relaunched with my first dolls being listed today.  It has been such fun that I wanted to share them with you.  Already I have some more characters in my mind ready to be created.  I just need to put in an order for some different skin and hair materials and then I will be good to go.

Doll making has been such fun to do with young children around.  Most of the work is done by hand, so I can do it whilst chatting to the children.  My daughter is so excited and has told me she is attached to Amelie!


But we made Olive for my youngest so she gets to stay here with us!  When my sister visited last week she put in a request for her own little doll.  “Fleur” is now getting ready for her debut in the coming weeks!


A few days ago, whilst watching me sew, my eldest daughter asked if she could make a doll too.  She chose some red felt (she insisted on a dark red) with yellow felt for clothes.  I cut out a very simple figure shape and she is learning to overstitch all the way around. My husband suggested drawing little dots to show where she should put the needle next and this was pure genius!  We are so impressed with how carefully she is working.  She has decided that her doll will also be “Fleur” for her aunt.  I am sure my sister will be beyond thrilled!


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