“Camping Tree”


We went for a walk in the woods.

My daughter collected things along the way. She always does.

I looked back to find her collecting three large branches, each about 5 ft tall. They had fallen from a tree.

I asked her about them and she was insistent that she needed to bring them home. I asked her what they were for.

She explained that we needed a tree.

She very carefully carried them home. I was impressed how she kept her distance from cars and other scratchable objects!

Once home we pondered how to help the tree stand up. We settled on a large bucket full of soil, on the balcony.

She ‘planted’ her tree. She named it her ‘camping tree’.

She “cupponed” it…..her terminology, which apparently means something like mounding soil around the base! She cuddled it…..gently.

She then insisted on setting up her tent alongside it. It was a camping tree after all!


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