Make it Monday – Winter Dandelions


I try to ‘create’ with my children regularly.  Sometimes it comes naturally.  Sometimes it is work to get motivated.   I love to involve us in seasonal activities and often look to nature for inspiration.

And so “Make it Monday” is born.  I will be posting a seasonal craft activity each Monday to share with you.  I would also love to hear what you have been working on through the week…so share away!


I saw this post last week and thought what a lovely idea it was…….but maybe for the spring or summer time. Well, the next day we were invited for tea at a very special friend’s house.  She is one of those people who has lovely little treasures around her sweet little home – needle felted people, flowery china tea cups, bird callers, and it turns out she also has a glass covered dandelion paper weight.  By daughter was intrigued.  How did the dandelion grow inside?  She asked several times (even in the car on the way home she asked again, obviously still puzzled).  Looking at the paperweight I was reminded of how wonderful dandelions are for children.  Sometimes called ‘fairy clocks’ they are truly magical.

I mentioned the activity I had seen the day before and immediately my friend produced what she declared to be the ‘perfect yarn’.  She gave us a ball of mohair yarn she had used in the past to make doll hair.  It was perfect!  Well, we were all pretty excited and decided, why wait until the warm weather arrives, why not bring the summer inside now!

You will need;

  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Fluffy yarn
  • A large needle (we used a plastic one – needle isn’t essential but makes it much easier for little people)
  • Glue gun (I got mine for a couple of dollars at Michaels!)
  • Sticks

What to do;

1 – Cut two circles out of the card.  These should be identical, and as big as you wish the dandelions to be.  Then carefully cut out a smaller circle in the middle.

2 – Holding the two circles together start to wrap the yarn around the outside and through the middle.

3 – Continue until the ring is completely covered.  The more yarn you add, the more dense your dandelion will be.

4 – Slide the blade of the scissors under the yarn and between the two pieces of card.  You want to very gently cut all the way around the edge.

5 – Wrap some yarn between the two rings and tie tightly.  This will hold the strads of yarn together.  Then you can remove the card rings and fluff up the dandelion.

6 – Choose some suitable sticks and firmly glue a dandelion head onto each stick using a hot glue gun.

7 – Display in a vase and talk longingly about the long summer days to come where you can run through fields of dandelions 🙂


My daughter enjoyed teaching her beloved “dolly” how to make the dandelion

Even my littlest daughter had fun with the ball of yarn!


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