Book Review – Naturally Fun Parties for Kids


We love cooking in our house.  My daughter and I spend a lot of times looking through recipe books and for Christmas she got her own book – The Organic Family Cookbook by Anni Daulter (and I got Organically Raised for the baby at the same time!).  We love these books and have been working our way through the beautifully illustrated recipes.

Well, I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to review Anni’s latest book – Naturally Fun Parties for Kids.  It arrived last week and we have been having such fun reading it.  My daughter loves all of the beautiful photos and it has given us so many ideas not just for ‘parties’ but also just fun activities.  We have already gone collecting sticks to make fairy wands, which were one of the party ideas!  Reading the book gave my daughter the idea that it could be her imaginary friend’s birthday.  So, on Friday we had a little birthday party, using ideas from the book – with heart shaped herbal tea cakes for dessert!

I love to have books that I can share with my daughter.  Books that are so beautifully illustrated that we can look through them and chat about them are rare, yet so wonderful.  This is definitely one of those books, full of ideas that are eco-friendly, gentle, and so much fun!


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