Make-it Monday – Pumpkin Boats


Have you heard of the Great Pumpkin Boat Race?  People grow huge pumpkins, carve them out, climb in them and race them down a river.  How fun! Well, this got me thinking.  Why can’t our little dolls have that much fun also?

Simply get a little pumpkin and slice off the top.  Scoop out the seeds and some of the flesh (a lighter pumpkin floats better). The ‘boat will float like this, but why not make it into a little sail boat.  Tape two sticks together and add a little paper sail (greaseproof paper will withstand the water well).  Attach to the inside of the pumpkin with a little playdough.

Find a river, creek, large puddle….or even a bathtub, put in some little dolls and set them off on an adventure!

Grab some friends and have a pumpkin boat carving party, followed by a little boat race.


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  1. That is really fun – I’ve never heard of pumpkin boats before – especially not big enough for people to ride in. My boys would have loved this when they were little and we had a creek in our back yard!

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