Bird Nest Balls


bird ball1

Spring is on it’s way (well, aside from the snow yesterday that I am choosing to ignore!).  But, little buds are emerging on the bushes and trees.  Crocuses are popping up everywhere and we are very excited by every new thing.  This is the first spring in our new house and so we have no idea what is planted here!  Plus we do not know a whole lot about plants so we are learning a lot!

Anyway, that is me going off on a tangent.  I wanted to share with you a sweet little project that the birds seem to be really enjoying. We used some young and pliable branches to create a ball-like structure. Very organic and a great team activity! We have lots of young branches on the ground from last week’s storm which would be great for this project.  you do not want to harvest too much from the trees. Simply fill with wool and hang outside.  We will be watching in the coming weeks to see whether the birds are using this wool to line their nests.  Maybe we will even see a rainbow nest around here – I know a certain little girl who would be thrilled to discover that!

Check here for instructions and some other fun spring-time projects.


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