Yurt Update


Hello folks.  I know you have been eagerly awaiting a yurt update!

Well, here it is…..

Nope, we did not reach our goal on kickstarter, but…….we can still get the yurt for the amount that was pledged!

This is because we were offered FREE labor for building the platform and reduced pricing on materials.  As a result we have been able to knock the goal down to $6,000!  It is incredibly exciting and we have raised over 1/2 of that in the last week.  If you want to know more you can check out the school’s website here



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  1. Oh my gosh, I just figured out that the lovely blog I have been following for a couple of years and the forest school in Ivy, VA that I found out about in a random search on Kickstarter are one and the same! And in my old stomping ground of Albemarle County. I don’t know why I didn’t zero in on your geographic location before. I spent my teen years in C-ville and my mother grew up in Greenwood. I now live in SF where I am a Reggio-inspired early childhood educator, PLAY advocate and consultant – who just happens to be obsessed with forest schools and yurts! Congratulations on getting such a great deal on your yurt! I look forward to reading more about its construction and set-up. PLAY on!

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