Hi, I am Ruth.  I am a mother of two sweet daughters (2 and 4 years old).  I am a teacher, originally from England, and have taught in England, Japan, Honduras and now the USA.  My teaching experience has taken me through mainstream, special education, Waldorf,  Reggio Emilia and ESL classrooms.

The School

In 2010 I founded a small ‘preschool’ of sorts, within a non-profit organization.  It served children aged 2-5 years old (including my own child).

We evolved to become a forest playgroup and now have moved to ‘officially’ become a Forest Preschool.  We spend the majority of our time surrounded by nature, striving to be at peace with our surroundings and open to what the environment surrounding us can teach us.

Why “A Woven Education”?

Well, I value so much of what I have learned about different educational philosophies.  I believe that by mixing the best of these different philosophies it really is possible to tailor the education to suit the needs of the children you are working with. My teaching philosophy is truly a mix of Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Montessori, with a little bit of me thrown in the mix!  These three philosophies, I believe, can really compliment each other. By gently weaving in different elements from these philosophies, you are gifted with a wonderfully unique curriculum.


My dream is that, through this blog, I am able to connect with other parents and teachers.  To learn from their experiences and share my own.  Together I hope that we can develop a truly child-centered education for the little people in our lives.