I make Waldorf inspired dolls and toys which are for sale through my Etsy store here.  Each doll is unique and crafted with much love and care using only natural materials, locally sourced wherever possible.


Meet Edith,

Edith loves the summer. She loves to play in the garden and look out for fairies. Her favorite color is pink and she adores the smell of roses. Edith loves ballet and can often be seen to be dancing through the garden with the butterflies.


Meet Amelie,
Amelie loves winter time. She is excited about putting on her soft, warm hooded sweater and going out to play in the snow. The brisk air gives her plump cheeks and delicate little nose a rosy glow. Amelie also enjoys skipping, baking and singing.


Meet Oliver,

Oliver loves to be outside. He loves springtime when he can run through the forest looking for bird nests and little frogs. He likes to climb trees and jump over little creeks but also really enjoys coming home and making fresh lemonade.


Meet Olive,

Olive loves the autumn, especially crunching in crisp, fallen leaves.  She enjoys camping in the forest, listening to birds and drinking cocoa.


Meet Norah,

Norah is a sweet little baby who loves to listen to birds singing and watch the dappled sunlight through the trees. Norah adores being cuddled and sung to as she falls asleep.


Meet Poppy,

Poppy is a sweet little baby who loves it when she is cuddled and danced around the room. She also enjoys going outside and being taken on woodland walks.


Hans and Gretchen

This brother/sister duo love to share adventures. Big brother Hans (5) loves to run and Gretchen (3) adores to chase after him!








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