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In the Forest


IMG_1036A long time away from this blog I know. Summer camps, a beautiful yurt, my big girl starting kindergarten and Ivy Forest School officially opening it’s doors.  It has been an exhausting but amazingly wonderful few months.  Ivy Forest School has already become a wonderful community of such lovely folks and we have a waiting list already which simply blows me away.  I am thrilled that there are so many local families who believe in the importance of nature in our children’s education.

I will be writing more very soon I promise.  I look forward to sharing our experiences as the program develops.  For now we are busy becoming comfortable with uneven terrain, being outside all morning and being working in a group.  Most of the class are in the 2-3 age range and this is their first group experience.  We are having tremendous fun though.

For now I will leave you with a picture of a fantastically huge slug we found.  We used our nature identification guides and the children decided it is a banana slug!  They found it captivating and loved to watch it slither around.  The trails it left behind led to a whole artistic project in itself…….


Cork Boats


A few months back, when visiting friends, we were introduced to these little cork boats. Our friend brought his on a little visit to their creek.  My daughter was captivated and loved to watch it sail downstream and has talked about it many times since.  We finally got around to making ours a few weeks back.  All it took was a little glue gun, some corks and string.  I really don’t know why I put it off for so long!  But the boats are so sweet and truly loved. After any rain we happily trudge down the hill with our rain gear and boats looking for good puddles to sail in (we have a drainage problem here so there are plenty of puddles!). My littlest daughter has a little boat also (minus the sail) and it seems to be so sturdy as it is dragged along the path, often with her ahead of it in the puddle!

If you want to make your own then check out the free pdf instructions I put together.

Here’s to a rainy springtime 🙂

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